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New Arrivals

Our independent brand in a few words:

Unique garment


Each garment is a numbered work of art, meticulously designed and hand-embroidered, reflecting our dedication to craftsmanship excellence.

Each piece is unique! When you receive your garment at home, its number will be embroidered on it! You can access the archives of all the sold garments via:


Clothing for men and women store/dressing room


Our embroideries, our seams, are the result of meticulous work, a testament to our commitment to quality and authenticity.

Join us in this adventure where fashion and aviation come together. Explore a world that embodies elegance, dedication, and support for a noble cause.



What sets us apart even more is our commitment to making a difference. À la chasse bordel! believes in social responsibility, which is why we proudly donate 10% of our profits to the Bleuets de France association, thus supporting a noble cause while embodying our values.

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"À la chasse bordel !"

Prononcée par les premiers pilotes de chasse, cette expression mettait fin à un briefing avant une mission ✈

De nos jours, cet héritage perdure chez nos aviateurs en devenant une formule mythique !

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