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Bleuet de France

The Bleuet de France supports veterans of both past and present conflicts. As a symbol of remembrance and solidarity, the association provides assistance to war veterans, widows, widowers, and children of those who have served their nation. With pride, we are committed to supporting the Bleuet de France by donating 10% of our profits to the association.

When you purchase a "À la chasse bordel !" garment, you are offering both moral and financial support to war victims. 

Feel free to visit their website:

You're not just buying any clothing! The textile in our products is certified by numerous labels, including the "Fair Wear" certification.

Unlike fast fashion, the Fair Wear certification attests to decent work, fair pay, and respect for workers' rights.

We can mention a few key points: no discrimination, no child labor, freely chosen employment, fair wages, and safe working conditions.

At "À la chasse bordel!", we are particularly committed to ensuring this ethical standard for our customers.

FairWear Label
Oeko-tex standard 100 label

The Oeko-Tex label is a mark of quality that encompasses several technical standards aimed at certifying the sanitary and ecological qualities of textiles and leather. It ensures the absence of harmful substances for both the body and the environment. The "Standard 100" certification is designed to guarantee that a textile product is free from any harmful substances, certifying it as safe for human health.

Our clothing is certified with the OCS 100 label. The OCS (Organic Content Standard) is an international label developed to certify the organic nature of cotton cultivation.

It ensures strict traceability from raw materials to finished products. There are two variants of the OCS standard: OCS Blended (5 to 95% certified organic materials) and OCS 100 (95 to 100% certified organic materials).

Our clothing is certified OCS 100 :)

For more information, visit:

Organic 100 label
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